Bookkeeper Vs. Accountant

Bookkeeper Vs. Accountant

Bookkeeper Vs. Accountant: What is the difference? We often get asked what is the difference between a Bookkeeper & Accountant? As a small business owner, you need your financial data to be current & accurate so you can make good business decisions. Also, to...

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4 Tips to Prepare for Year-end Financial Closure

4 Tips to Prepare for Year-end Financial Closure

  Attention Business Owners, the Dec. 31st year-end is fast approaching! Whether you are a Sole Entrepreneur or a Corporation, it is time to start planning and getting your bookkeeping organized. 4 Tips to Prepare for Year-end Financial Closure 1. Do Not Wait...

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Pre-Accounting: Why Small Business Can’t Ignore

As a business owner, we are often guilty of paying for a meal or picking up office supplies...taking the receipt and putting in our coat pocket never thinking of it again. Until its time to close out year. Have you hear of Receipt Bank! This phone APP eliminates the...

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