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Christmas certainly does look a little different this year, doesn’t it? That’s quite the understatement, I know. More than just changing our activities, it’s changed a lot of our buying habits. 

We saw at least two binge-shopping periods when new restrictions and announcements came out. Some of it made sense, you don’t want to go out frequently so you stock up on groceries, fine. But what about how it’s changed personal and Christmas shopping habits?

Now that Amazon is back on track with short delivery times, we’ve seen an uptick in shopping online. With the current #ShopLocal push, many are trying to support new and small businesses too. It feels great to support your neighbours!

The question is, can you afford to?

Not do you have room on the credit card, or ‘Awww, that’s so cute, we just HAVE to support them!’, but can you actually afford to?

This is a question, year after year, people don’t identify before they start their holiday shopping. It’s usually a little gift here, a little gift there. A trip to the Dollar Store — those don’t really count, right? Before you know it, the credit card is full and collecting interest on items you don’t own and serve no value, other than the amazing fuzzy feelings you got when giving them away.

You’re probably thinking I’m a bit of a grinch for stopping you from buying more local gifts. What I’m actually trying to do is save people the same pain we’ve seen for decades in our consumer culture. This is NOT the year to top up on those last-minute gifts — this is the real killer. The panic buys are the ones not budgeted for. 

This year especially, no one is really expecting to be spoiled. If you don’t send your clients a gift, I doubt they would mind or notice. We’re all just trying to get along, get by and be safe while trying to figure out how to feel connected to our family.

A quick accounting and bookkeeping side note before I sign off. If your fiscal year-end is December 31st, your accounting team should have reached out by now, or very shortly to advise you if you need to spend to minimize taxes. Any way we can help you save money needs to happen this year!

I, Dave, my business partner, and the rest of the Censea team wish you an amazingly happy Christmas. We are so grateful for the clients we have and that we’ve been growing and expanding into BC and Edmonton this year! We are looking forward to a fantastic 2021 and helping more businesses survive and thrive!

Stay safe,