We're a Calgary-based bookkeeping and consulting service that provides accurate and affordable bookkeeping and accounting services, software solutions and training as well as consultation to small and medium sized businesses.

We take pride in our approach, our values and our experience

Firm Approach


We're not like the other guys. We don't disappear each month with your financial transactions only to return with crunched numbers and financial reports you don't fully understand.

As your personal trainer, we take a FIRM approach. That means we're:

We meet you where you’re located . We can provide affordable accounting and bookkeeping services offsite, onsite and where ever you are in your finances, budget or experience. We also offer cloud based accounting, which gives us and you the flexibility to update accounting data anywhere, any place and any time.

Just like a fitness coach, we can help you set goals and provide immediate feedback and insight on your questions and situation. This includes ongoing communication about your financial performance, and the decisions and legalities that shape how finances flow in and out of your business.  No need to book appointments – we’re standing by, ready to respond the moment you’re faced with a question or decision.

Rigor is all about accuracy, completeness and effectiveness. We begin your financial fitness regimen by sitting down with you and looking at all aspects of your business in order to maximize your financial goals. Next, we put solid checks and balances in place to ensure accuracy and attention to detail. Financial analyses normally performed by service providers every quarter are undertaken each month at Censea so any potential issues or gaps are identified early.

Let’s face it. Numbers can be pretty boring. We aspire to transform your financial fitness into a fun, growth-enhancing and positive experience. We involve our clients where appropriate so they are empowered through key decisions and understand what they are paying for. Keeping your books in shape does not have to be stressful, strenuous or expensive.  We love numbers, and we love what we do. This is our livelihood, so we’re motivated to keep your business through unwavering dedication and accuracy.

We’re also pretty experienced at this which means you can trust us to do it right, while you continue focusing on what motivates you – running your business.


We live and work by the following values so we can assure our clients their financials are in trusted hands:

We stick by our word and follow the best practices of Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP) as set forth by the Canadian Accounting Standards Board and International Accounting Standards Board. Clients can rest assured their financial information will be kept confidential and managed legally, ethically and transparently.

There is no grey area when it comes to numbers. The calculations are either right or wrong. Our unwavering promise is our dedication to accuracy which we ensure through solid processes, checks and balances, and frequent review and analyses. Our experience underpins the confidence we have to strive for consistently accurate results.

We partner with our clients to build trust. We’re not just a business function operating in a silo; client involvement and service excellence is integral to the growth of your business and the reputation of our business. A positive relationship means we begin every client relationship with thorough consultation and exploration of each business, its structure, issues and needs. It means our clients are not afraid they will incur extra charges by phoning Censea at odd times to ask questions. It means information flows both ways through open channels of communication.

Why Censea?

Our Experience


This is where we show off our muscles. We’re pretty good at this. As a Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified Professional Bookkeeper, we’re a husband and wife team with a passion for numbers. Behind us is 34 years of combined experience and a solid network of finance professionals.

Spanning the last two decades, we have provided bookkeeping and accounting services across a range of industries including Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and Transportation, Communications, Food Services, Hospitality and more.

We commit to ongoing professional growth so we can always offer the latest insights and best service to our clients. That means we continually update our skills to work with the latest software and certification requirements. We keep our fingers on the pulse of regulatory changes so our clients are always in the know and within the law.


Just a taste of how we can help


We keep your books in shape. That means capturing all financial transactions and keeping everything balanced. We do it all from A-Z, including financial forecasting, analyses and more.


We offer the full range of payroll services from paying your employees to processing your yearend T4s and T5018s, ROEs and source deduction remittances.


With the birth of any business, comes a million small and large decisions that impact your finances. Unsure where to start? Let us help find the answers that fit for you.



A Certified Professional Bookkeeper with the Institude of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada. Jennifer Walsh wields an Accounting Diploma, A Quickbooks Pro Advisor Certification and Freshbooks Certification. With over 14 years of experience, Jennifer has provided financial bookkeeping in the public and private sectors, covering a broad range of industries and a breadth of expertise in different financial disciplines.

Jennifer is a full charge bookkeeper, which means she is qualified and experienced to provide the full gamut of bookkeeping services – from entering invoices to full cycle payroll (processing, remittance and T4 prep) reconciliations, financial statement preparation, GST filing, corporate taxes and much more.

Jennifer is passionate about her work and finds satisfaction in bringing answers to people and being that shoulder to lean on. She enjoys problem solving and the investigative process of finding out why.



A designated CPA, CMA with 20 years of senior accounting and financial management experience, Dave brings expertise in accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning system installations and aligning systems to companies’ information and reporting needs.

With extensive experience in the construction and manufacturing industries, Dave takes pride in providing value-added solutions that streamline and strengthen financial and reporting processes. He finds satisfaction in helping decision makers focus on what’s important so they can ultimately increase profits.


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Let us help you on your journey to financial success

We provide accurate and affordable bookkeeping and accounting services, software solutions and training as well as consultation to small and medium sized businesses.

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